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Foreman: The $2 Mac Power Tool
for Reducing Clutter

Is this a familiar sight?

Look at all these open apps:

What a pain in the patootie! All those apps clutter up your screen and turn ⌘+tab into a joke. But look what happens when Foreman closes the apps you don't need:

My heavens! What a relief!

If you find yourself with a bunch of unused apps open throughout the day, then Foreman will help you.

Foreman reduces clutter and helps you focus. It opens the apps you need and closes or hides the rest.

How it Works

You define app groups by dragging apps from the Finder into the space that says "Drag Apps Here To Create New Group".

Click a group to hide all applications which aren't in that group; shift+click to close apps instead of hiding them. Foreman also opens all the apps in the group that aren't already open.

"I think Foreman by @nonrecursive is the answer to all my app switching prayers"

– @StuRobson

Watch It in Action

It only takes a couple keystrokes with Foreman:

Like it or your money back!

Purchase Foreman for only $1.99. If you don't like it for any reason whatsoever, your $1.99 will be refunded.

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More Instructions on Using Foreman

⌘⇧. (command+shift+period) a global hotkey to show foreman

Activating a group launches all the apps in that group. You can either hide or close the other apps:

You can also use the keyboard:

That's all there is to it! Foreman just does its thing and gets out of your way.

Free Version Still Available

You can still download the free version. Give it a try! If you like it, upgrade for $1.99 and get the following features:

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What's Next???

Although it's not obvious at first glance, Foreman is not perfect. Here are some upcoming features:

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