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Clojure for the Brave and True to be Published, Remains Free Online

02 November 2013

Good news everybody: I've signed a deal with No Starch Press to publish Clojure for the Brave and True! Not only that, the entire book will continue to be available for free online! Please sign up for notifications on new chapter releases:

My hope is that this will provide as many people as possible with a thorough, entertaining introduction to Clojure. By being published through an established, respected company, it's possible for Clojure for the Brave and True to reach aspiring Clojurists through channels which I don't have the time or means to cultivate. By keeping the book online for free, I get to stay true to my hippie aspirations of free learning for everyone. What's more, the book will now be professionally edited — a big win for Clojure noobies and, I think, for the Clojure community.

This is super cool! I can't think of any other publisher that allows an author to continue publishing a book for free online as he writes. I'm really excited by the book deal and am looking forward to collaborating with No Starch. They really "get" that writing the book is a creative, artistic endeavor for me. Also, writing Clojure is fun, I want my book to be fun, and No Starch really understands fun. Fun!

Those who bought the book on Leanpub, have no fear: you will continue to receive updated PDF's and will receive the final, No Starch PDF at no additional cost. Thanks for buying the beta book!

If you haven't already, please have a look at Clojure for the Brave and True. If you have already — thank you! I've really appreciated all the feedback and encouragement I've gotten so far, and I'm very happy to be able to contribute back to the community.

By the way, there's a new chapter up: Writing Macros. Also, I'm going to be at the Conj in a couple weeks and would love to chat with folks about learning Clojure or anything else Clojure. Hope to see you there!