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Brave and New

21 October 2015

Clojure for the Brave and True is now available in print! You can use the coupon code ZOMBIEHUGS to get 30% off at No Starch (plus you'll get a free sticker), or buy it from Amazon.

The web site has been updated, too! (Don't forget to force refresh.) One of the reasons I went with No Starch as a publisher was that they supported the idea of keeping the entire book available for free online. It makes me super happy to release the professionally-edited, even better book for free. I hope it makes you laugh, cry, and give up on object-oriented programming forever.

Writing this book was one of the most ambitious projects of my life, and I appreciate all the support I've gotten from friends, family, and readers like you. Thank you from the bottom of my crusty heart!

Is that it, then? Is the journey over? No! It's not! In fact, back in April I quit my job in part so that I'd have more time for writing. I have some new Clojure articles on reducers and transducers in the works, plus I plan to write about web development again and dive into fun libraries like core.logic, clara, and much more. There's just so much cool stuff to learn about! If you'd like me to let you know when they're published then follow me on twitter @nonrecursive or join the 1600+ member mailing list:

Lastly, to celebrate the book release, my wife (the book's illustrator) put together a t-shirt and mug store! The gear features the dwarf and warpig combo on the book cover :) This run only lasts one week - future runs will feature other illustrations from the book or from new projects. The money from that will help me continue avoiding full-time employment so that I can keep creating fun, high-quality Clojure content!

Thank you, and have fun Clojuring!

Brave and True

[Update] I got asked for a list of the major differences. Here they are:

  • Illustrations!
  • Almost every chapter now has exercises
  • The first macro chapter, Read and Eval, is massively improved. I'm hoping this will gives readers an excellent conceptual foundation for working with macros
  • There's now a joke about melting faces
  • There used to be two Emacs chapters (basic emacs and using Emacs for Clojure dev), now there's just one
  • The concurrency chapter got split into two chapters
  • Appendices on Leiningen and Boot were added
  • The "Do Things" chapter is much friendlier
  • I spend a lot more time explaining some of the more obscure topics, like lazy sequences.
  • Many of the chapters got massive overhauls. The functional programming chapter, for example, was turned completely inside out, and the result is that it's much, much clearer
  • Overall, everything should be clearer